COVID-19 Testing Centres of Kerala Mapped

Open Data Kerala is happy to release the state’s Covid-19 testing labs’ dataset under an open license. All though the data was available on the DHS Kerala website, and it was just a list of labs and their details in pdf format almost non-usable for any other purpose. A team, Open Data Kerala volunteers, sat and geocoded the labs’ locations, classified it under government and private labs, and the type of test available. There are altogether 626 Labs available in Kerala for COVID-19 testing out of which 514 labs are giving Antigen test results, 42 are RT-PCR test, 50 are Truenat Test, 18 are Xpert, and 2 are CB NAAT. Government directly runs 26 Labs, and rest are privately owned. Ernakulam district has the highest number of testing centres – 94 and Idukki district has the least number of testing centres - 14.

Vizulisation on the dataset by arkarjun (

Attributes available in the dataset are:

  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Name
  • Address
  • Test Type (Antigen/RT-PCR/TRUENAT/CB NAAT/Xpert)
  • District
  • Type of Lab (Private/Government)

Our team led by Ark Arjun and Pratiksha Gundecha along with the support of other open data Kerala volunteers prepared the datasets by manual and machine code. The datasets are released in CSV, Geojson, ESRI Shapefile, and KML formats. A big thanks to Sanjutha Indrajith for the help in machine coding. We tried our best efforts to keep the data accurate, but chances are still there for mistakes, and if you find any, please let us know as there are many machine-coded values.

Download our dataset from here: