Map Kerala Launched

MapKerala Portal Alpha Version Launching by on 1 Nov 2021. A Gateway to Your Geospatial Map Data of Kerala. visite and explore your favorite placess

Nipah 2021 Epicentre - 3 Kilometers Buffer Zone Map

Blog Post by Jaisen Nedumpala I too came to know about the Nipah epidemic 2021 outbreak at Chathamangalam for the first time from the news media, like everyone else. I was on quarantine and medication at home, being a panchayat secretary without any official charges now because I tested positive with Covid19 along with all of my family members. I have seen the first proceedings related to this, issued by the district collector as the chairman of the district disaster management authority, in the WhatsApp group of local authority secretaries on 05/09/2021.
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ODK Logo Release

We open data kerala fraternity trying our best to curate and publish data on Kerala and Malayalam under the OpenData Licenses, promoting Freedom to information for one and all. We are proud and happy to release our logo on a day we celebrateFlag of India Freedom. We @opendatakerala furtunity trying our best to curate and publish data on #Kerala and #Malayalam under the #OpenData Licenses, promoting #Freedom to #information for one and all.
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Releasing Historical Covid-19 Vaccination

It has been six months after India began the world’s largest vaccination drive. The vaccination for public in india started during the 2021 March 2nd week onwards. Open Data Kerala is happy to release the historical Covid-19 vaccination dataset of Kerala state‚Äôs and district’s under an open license from the data published on the CoWIN dashboard. The tabular dataset includes the total number of doses of vaccine admistrated till date and the total number of vaccine types admistrated.
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Panel Discussion - OpenData Day 2021

OpenDataKerala Community Conducting a Panel Discussion on OpenData Week 2021. Event scheduled at 10 March 8PM. Youtube Live Streaming Panelists Dr. Sabarish K , Chief Data Officer, Government of Kerala. Manuel George , Visual Editor, Vivara team , Malayala Manorama Kavya Manohar, Speech Researcher, Swathanthra Malayala Computing Dr. Jijo P Ulahannan, Associate Professor,Government College Kasaragod, Collective for Open Data Distribution-Keralam Dr. Balakrishnan P , Kerala Forest Research Institute Manoj Karingamadathil, Kerala Biodiversity Monitoring Network Naveen Francis, OpenStreetMap Kerala Jinoy Tom Jacob, Wikidata Kerala Project Arjun Gangadharan, GeoMinds

COVID-19 Testing Centres of Kerala Mapped

Open Data Kerala is happy to release the state’s Covid-19 testing labs’ dataset under an open license. All though the data was available on the DHS Kerala website, and it was just a list of labs and their details in pdf format almost non-usable for any other purpose. A team, Open Data Kerala volunteers, sat and geocoded the labs’ locations, classified it under government and private labs, and the type of test available.
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